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middle-aged, something lick that. good stuff from him yesterday. some of you may be feeling the extra creek in the back with the chill moving in. you may not want to crawl out from under the covers but it will make its way to a nice afternoon and mixture of sun and clouds will give us a warm-up, up cose to 80. you can follow that at the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. major headline here, hurricane igor, still a category 4, a little weaker. now joined by hurricane julia, that we're watching out there in the open waters of the atlantic. now igor down to 135 mile-per-hour winds. that is below the 150 mark that we had measured yesterday. at least the national hurricane center had measured. we don't personally go out there for you. but we're watching hurricane julia off the coast of africa, now winds of 75 miles per hour. and just upgraded to hurricane status this morning. locally, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we are dry. we've got ourselves five sweeps across the chesapeake and showing up basically no moisture falling from a few
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clouds out there. down to 54 in ellicott city. 57 in perry hall. the warm spot, the eastern shore in centreville at 61 degrees. 2-degree guaranteed high with a mix of sun and clouds, up to 80 this afternoon. right now here's kim brown with a check of traffic. >> traffic is off to a very good start. we're very light on incidents, hardly anything out there that is going to hold you up at this time. drive times just show elevated a little bit, especially the outer loop on the west side, seven minutes between 795 approaching i-70. 95 southbound, four minutes between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway. no delays so far on the harbor tunnel thruway approaching the tube. this is going to be -- sitting on top of the fort mchenry tunnel, lefthand side i the southbound lanes. minor congestion approaching the tolls but for the most part looking very good. we start election day coverage with the race for city state's attorney.
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challenger greg bernstein looking to unseat patricia jessamy. the candidates are working overtime? >> reporter: yes, bernstein will be here first thing this morning as the polls open up at 7:00. this sidewalk says it all, literally lined with signs. it's been a fierce battle. this battle between the two candidates and they are looking to win as the voters head to the polls later today. jessamy will be spending her day doing the same, going around to the different polling areas to meet and greet voters. it's the final push for jessamy's hottest race. she's trying to hold on to her 15 years as top prosecutor. she received an endorse metropolitan from -- endorsement from baptist ministers. and bernstein has received be a endorsement -- an endorsement from a high-profile attorney in
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the city. voters will get their final say as they head to the polls later this morning. the polls open up at 7:00. linda so, abc2 news. this morning voters will head to the polls also to cast ballot for the best person to serve as baltimore county executive. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio. >> reporter: good morning, one of the hottest races today, kaminetz returned to his old stomping grounds in pikesville waving to drivers. his opponent talked to people at a community meeting in woodlawn. bartonfelder says he's working on his 289-year record of -- 28-year record of accomplishment. >> my josh -- job is to keep the lid on taxes. we're going to face more
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cutbacks so make sure we're still delivering quality services in baltimore county. >> this is about positive leadership and mailing sure we take care of -- making sure we take care of peoples needs in the city and county. >> reporter: it's estimated 32% of eligible voters will turn out to the primary. the nice weather and hot races will draw voters to the polls today. ? in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. former governor bob ehrlich has an endorsement in his quest to be the state's highest office, governor of course. senator john mccain says he thinks ehrlich is "a fine guy." sarah palin endorsed ehrlich's opponent brian murphy. we have a crowded field of republicans trying to get a chance to take on democratic senator barbara mukulski seeking her fifth term now. 11 candidates are running. county commissioner eric wargott seems to be the front runner.
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he's already dumped in $578,000 of his own money in his bid. three republicans are now vying to take on franchot, the democratic incumbent. the youngest, 18-year-old brendan madigan, still in high school. and campbell, former chief officer for the department of veteran affairs. he justed received an endorsement from bob ehrlich. the third candidate is 72-year-old armand gerard, a retired high school math teacher from baltimore. in nearly every election it's hard to separate fact from fiction. in the campaign ads and mailings you see. some viewers say they've received misleading ballots in the mail. however, we spoke to the university of maryland law school dean mark graber and he says the mailings and other political speeches are protected by the first amendment. it's up to you as a voter to decide what is the truth. >> most political rhetoric is aimed at a small and
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increasingly getting smaller middle. these people are more persuadable in part because they generally are ambivalent and in part because it turns out in many cases the middle, or the so-called middle is in fact composed of people who are less tuned in to politics. >> he says our society is so politically polarized it's hard to change peoples' minds once those minds are made up. we want to remind you abc2 news is your source for democracy 2010. tonight at 11:00, we'll have live team coverage of the hottest races in the area. and of course we'll bring you the latest results from all the major races as this mid-term primary continues on. log on to we have you covered for the up to the minute results. you can read the results as well as watch interviews with most of the candidates in certain primary races on-line. 6:06. thunder and lightning delayed the ravens and jets game last night at the meadowlands but look at this.
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we mixed it up early. ray rice having words, flings a football and bart scott, watch in the upper righthand corner, flings the ball back at ray rice. they don't like one another. anquan bolden, the star, 100 yards catching. joe flacco didn't miss him on this one. this was more like flag football. more hankies on the field than you find in a clothesline in rosedale. is that true? rex ryan said i'm taking this to the super bowl. we got in the way, didn't we? coach harbaugh had a fine game plan. let the defense and cam cameron devise the plays. here's joe flacco hitting todd heap with a great stretching catch. you heard him at the meadowlands yelling heap! so todd heap with the great catch. then ray lewis had quite a game yesterday. watch him come over the middle and tell keller not today.
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here's the big play. on the third down, had he loady sneaks through and makes the tackle on mark sanchez. he went out of bounds to end the game. that's it. ravens go 1-0 on the year and the jets cannot cash that check. >> i think it was huge. bottom line is we're 1-0. whether it's the jets or whoever it was. to come in and win the way we did. for us to come in and really grind this game out. we knew it would be a defensive battle. for us to just get this win on the road, it's hard to win on the road. bottom line. freaking hard to win on the road. to win the way we did, i take my hat off to my team. >> ravens win 10-9 and now off to cincinnati sunday. 9,800 came out to camden yards to watch a pretty good baseball game last night where the orioles proved they could beat toronto. luke scott's rbi single in the
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11th. orioles get the 4-3 win, the first win over toronto in 12 games. 6:10. baltimore's little italy neighborhood is expected to have power fully restored this morning, finally. crews worked all day yesterday to replace an underground cable that failed sunday morning. still no word of a cause of the fire underground that damaged this cable but we'll keep you posted as soon as we find out. we're all trying to save a buck or two. coupons help. >> absolutely. then there are the coupons that you don't know about. how saving cash may be as easy as looking at your cell phone. >> look in the mirror. 'tweens and teens, they are into all these new fashions. we'll break down the top five trends kids are into this fall. >> plus, a massive explosion from last week's gas line explosion in california. the document that has surfaced. we'll tell but that. first, we're going to new york to look at business news. good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with a reversal on taxes.
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hope of a compromise has now ended. minority leader mitch mcconnell says every senate republican insists on extending bush-era tax cuts even for the nation's wealthy. wal-mart is introducing a new low-cost cell phone service. wal-mart family mobile includes unlimited calling and texting for just $45 a month with no contract or early termination fee. the service will use the mobile network. two giants of american business are bullish on the economy. warren buffet says there will knob double-dip recession, and stahlbaumer says an exexplosion of tech "tech bytes" no lodge ker insyringessens on the way. a letter to my daughters. it debuts november 16th. that is your "moneyscope report."
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consumer alert. you could have hundreds of thousands of dollars in coupons in the palm of your hand and not even know it. most retailers are sending them directly to your mobile phone. karen kafa has this story. >> reporter: put down those scissors and pick up your mobile phone. when it comes to discounts and deals retailers' next hot spot is in the palm of your hand. >> i could be walking by my favorite apparel store, check my i-phone and in comes a coupon. i'm going in and making a purchase. >> reporter: gadget dpiewr use already embraced mobile coupons, geographically-based discounts directly from a retailer or third-party app. >> you always have thousands of
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deals with you, being used by over five million people now and it's available in close to 20,000 retail locations across the country. a ton more coming on all the time. >> reporter: now retailers are making a big push to bring mobile discounts to the masses, whether it's through apps like yowza or on their own. some stepped up mobile incentives at back-to-school shopping, a test run for a crucial holiday season that needs to drive consumers back into malls. >> when you combine mobile devices with gps and retailers anxious to get consumers into the stores it ends up as a big windfall for retailers and consumers. >> reporter: specialized discounts based on where you are and where you shop raised privacy concerns but retailers say consumers have a choice to opt in to mobile offers only from stores they choose.
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anniversary of tropical storm floyd which impacted us in the late 1990s. this is the peak of tropical season. we have two systems here in the open waters of the atlantic. igor down to 135 mile-per-hour winds, still a category 4 system and julia upgraded to hurricane status, still 75 mile-per-hour winds. not going to be as major, at least as strong as igor and staying in the open waters of the atlantic. igor probably not going to hit a major land form with the exception of perhaps bermuda. it may be a category 4, weaken to a 3 over the next day or two and gradually category 2 once it reaches bermuda and that should be over the course of the weekend. the storm itself is going to spread out. tropical storm-force winds now 195 miles away from the center. not going to reach the east coast but definitely going to push the waves and high surf expected as we head towards this weekend with really nice
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weather expected. that may be impacting some of you planning to get your post labor day beach on. high waves extending for the bahamas and into the eastern caribbean islands. we're not talking tropics. we're talking autumn chill. have you noticed the leaves turning in? appears to be a little earlier than last year. i think the shock of the hot summer and dry summer, now, back to autumn chill in the morning helping to accelerate leaf turning. notice the 59 spot on the thermometer back towards richmond to our south? it's really the cool stuff that is going to win out here, at least cooler than what we've had most of this month and back in through the last month. notice high clouds mixing in, from the weather system extending back into the midwest. it will take all week to reach us, a flare-up of thunderstorms already overnight in iowa and missouri and the high clouds just riding the upper level wind flow. that is all that is impacting us, otherwise we're quiet. we warm up in the afternoon.
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it's chilly mornings, warm afternoon with the sun and few clouds as we go for our 2-degree guaranteed high of 80. just a little above normal. back towards our northwest, again, a partly sunny sky mixed with the clouds at 77 westminster. 78 degrees in parkton. in the eastern shore you're protected by the chesapeake from the real chill. should reach 82 in easton. we'll slip back into the 50s joacht under a clear sky. we cool off quickly. 54 by daybreak and we should bounce back to 78 into the afternoon. follow the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we will have an extended outlook in a few minutes. right now kim brown has a look at the traffic. good morning. traffic looking really good so far this morning. i'm guessing a lot of people are going to sleep in because they stayed up late watching the game. we don't have accidents. as you look at one of the usual slow spots on the west side of the beltway at liberty road, really not so slow. just speeds down slightly because of volume but very minor delays as you make your way through the outer loop stretch this morning on the west side. as we look at the drive times,
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we're looking pretty good there as well. no problems up and down the harrisburg expressway, it's going to, six minutes between shawan and the beltway. on the very top side between 83 and the jfx no problems there. and on the jfx only four minutes southbound between the beltway and northern parkway. a good morning to get to work and school early. back to you. 6:18. 58 degrees. for many teens and 'tweens fashion is a very important part of their life. they like bright colors, want to look good and want to make an impression with peers. sherrie johnson hits the stores to find out the top five fashion tips for 'tweens and teens. >> reporter: here in cockeysville it's all about looking good for the teens and 'tweens, that's ages 9 to 14. this family-owned specialty store has been in business for 100 years. you'll find parents with children in tow searching for the perfect outfit. pat cohen is co-owner of the store. she offers five fashion tips tore the fall. >> this is roxy, a roxy skirt,
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with the layers. which is popular. should probably wear this with black leggings and little knit jacket with it. of course it picks up the pink in the skirt. a lot of bright colors we have this year too. >> this is the rockets and rag dolls. a new brand for us. for the fall we're doing really well with it. the longer flowy top, again, with the leggings or skinny jeans, girls like the scarves to acrise. we're just starting to get the cowboy boots in. they are going to be really big this year too. the jeans with the -- all the worn-out look. this shirt you can accessorize with all the ravens colors. the belts are popular with the rhinestones this year. this knit jacket with the roxy skinny jeans and roxy flat shoes. a lot of girls like the flat shoes for going out in the
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evening. again, accessorize with a pretty bright skirt and woven shirts are really popular for the girls in plaid stripes this year, too. for the boys, 8 to 20. these are the bright colored pants which the boys really like. a plaid shirt, you can put a tie with it. that's the brand that is really popular with the boys. >> reporter: following these tips will have you looking your best for the school year. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> did you get any tips? >> they said 8 to 20 but i can see you in a pair of those pink pants. >> or those boots? very good. one size fits all. oprah has been entertaining us for 25 years, plus? right? >> absolutely. coming up, she has surprises along the way but none bigger than the one she unveiled to her audience yesterday. >> cheerleaders and mascots are known in college football but
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what happens when one eats a cheerleader? o!>a yc
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i told you you'll miss oprah when she leaves. topping our look at entertainment news. the queen of talk has taken all 300 members of her audience on an all-expense paid trip to australia. the lavish gift is the latest in a series of giveways to from cars to hoping homes to scholarships. the oprah show will end after 25 years. >> can you imagine? that's quite a giveaway. it's happening after all. jennifer lopez's deal is set to become official. she's going to be a judge on "american idol." final contracts are now currently being signed by lopez. jamie doesn't like the j-lo addition. >> i do. >> you do? oh, good. this is all going to be announced early october before
6:25 am
auditions begin for the new season. the star's rep? no comment >> i'm shaking my head over this one. fans may have been a little confused with the antics of the titans mascot. >> apparently the broadcaster iowan eagle - ian eagle, listen to what he had to say. >> it's always great when the mascots and cheerleaders get together. whoa! engulfed! that's not right. >> we didn't hear the big bullpen afterwards. that was an inflatable version of t-rack who apparently ate the titans cheerleader. hopefully she's ok. came without warning. >> no one knew what to make of it. coming up, we're going to show you the new home video of the gas explosion that
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leveled parts of a neighborhood near san francisco. >> we're coming to the end of a few months of a lot of hard work. >> the primary day that is not so ordinary across the land. the changes that could be coming. here she is... pretty cool, huh? yeah, but... what happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things likeling in s chirping) ♪ is this my husband? awesom cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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the hottest race we've seen in baltimore city in years. it's your job to elect a person to . best job to make our streets safer. >> voters will go to the polls to pick a democratic candidate for baltimore county executive. >> gang green is gang red this morning. furious with losing last night. but you're looking at another mess they are cleaning up with the reporter. that controversy just ahead. good tuesday morning. hopefully you're well rested after last night's game. >> we're living it up. that's nice. everybody's happy? >> absolutely. meteorologist justin berk. good morning. >> uneventful weather locally but we have big stuff to talk about here. here are the headlines this morning -- it will be chilly but after you step out the door we're looking forward to a warmer afternoon. much like yesterday. just a mix of sun and clouds

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